sonnenBatterie eco - an Intelligent Storage System for Homes

Battery Storage Systems

With the right battery design and configuration, you can break free from your utility with a self-sufficient energy system!

The main purpose of a battery storage system is to store excess energy from your solar system when your production is high, allowing you to use this energy later or whenever you need to, rather than buying electricity from the grid. Having a battery system means you’re prepared for power outages and immune from future utility rate increases.

Catamount Solar has years of experience designing and installing battery systems.

Our popular, all-in-one Sonnen Battery energy storage products integrate with new and existing solar power systems to turn your house into a smart energy home – using more of the solar energy you generate during the day to provide power at night and for peace of mind when the grid goes down.

The Lithium-Ion Iron Phosphate technology in the Sonnen battery out performs other home battery solutions and lets you decide exactly how you want to produce, conserve, and consume electricity in your home. 

Sonnen offers a clean, reliable and long-lasting intelligent energy storage system that provides greater energy independence.  Not just a battery, it’s an intelligent storage system that automatically adjusts the energy usage in your household. In combination with solar panels, the Sonnen will enable you to supply yourself with clean energy – thus making you independent and protecting you from energy price hikes. 

The Sonnen Battery manages energy usage, increasing household energy efficiency and reducing energy costs throughout the day. All that, and you can manage this all from your cell phone. 

Sonnen is an energy storage solution that utilizes intelligent energy management software. It is easily adaptable to your individual needs. The system is available in a variety of storage capacities and configuration, allowing for extensibility and expansion. Save money every single day by harvesting energy from your Catamount Solar PV system or the grid when its cheapest and using the stored energy from the battery to power your home when rates are more expensive. 

Call Catamount Solar at 802-728-3600 to learn more about home energy automation, preparing for severe weather and the other advanced features that Sonnen offers.

sonnenBatterie eco - an Intelligent Storage System for Homes
Steel racks for roof-installed solar panels
Run your Sonnen battery storage system from your phone or tablet.
sonnenBatterie eco - an Intelligent Storage System for Homes installed by Catamount Solar