Catamount Solar Installs Cold-Climate Heat Pumps

Home heating is one of the biggest energy expenses Vermont families have. Cold-climate, air-source heat pumps are an innovative way to reduce those costs and improve the comfort of your home while reducing your carbon footprint.

A ductless heat pump is a highly efficient, zone heating and cooling system that can be easily installed into existing homes. A heat pump provides year-round comfort at a fraction of the cost of oil and propane systems using electricity and compressor technology to heat the air from outside, much like your refrigerator in reverse. And a heat pump doesn’t just provide affordable heat. In summer, you switch the air flow direction, and it becomes an energy efficient air conditioner.

Heat pumps offer these benefits:

  • Monthly savings
  • Increased comfort 
  • Easy, low-cost installation
  • Super efficient heating and cooling
Diagram of how cold climate, air source heat pump technology works
How a heat pump heating/cooling exchanges hot air for cold or cold air for hot.
Mitsubishi Heat Pump Interior unit
Mitsubishi Heat Pump Interior unit
Mitsubishi Heat Pump Exterior unit