Residential Solar Energy Systems

Vermont and New Hampshire Home Owners are Going Solar – There’s never been a better time!

Making the Move to Solar Power is Energy Smart and Environmentally Responsible

Solar is Affordable – Solar panel prices have fallen, which has made installing residential solar systems more affordable. The low cost of residential solar energy systems with a favorable state rebate incentive and federal tax credits make the decision to add solar electric power to your home an easy one. For more details on available economic incentives, click here.

Solar is Clean Energy2018 went on record as one of the warmest years ever in the U.S. Perhaps the past couple of hot summers and warmer winters are a freak occurrence… or as a majority of climate scientists assert, the world may be warming, due in large part to increased levels of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere from human activity – principally the burning of fossil fuel for its energy. Take a stand – reduce your residence’s Carbon Footprint by going solar at home.

Solar Provides Independence Utility prices continue to rise. Free yourself from the upward push of utility rates with home solar panels. As we all know, utility prices will only keep going up. By investing in a residential solar system from Catamount Solar you effectively lock in your power cost for the next 30+ years. Also, thanks to the state’s progressive net-metering regulations, your utility will credit your account for all the solar energy you produce, allowing you to draw on the credit on cloudy days or in the evening when your solar power system is not producing power. For more information on how net-metering works with residential solar energy systems, click here.

We partnered with VSECU to offer financing on residential solar systems! Catamount Solar is excited to bring affordable photovoltaic systems to our community. Get prequalified in minutes—call for your free consultation today. Share the news! 802-728-3600!

residential solar system installed in Vermont by Catamount Solar

How We Work With You

Free Solar Site Assessment and Load Analysis After you contact us, we’ll arrange a site visit. When visiting your home, we’ll review potential module options and positioning for equipment. We perform a thorough diagnostic inspection and analysis to ensure we design the optimal solar energy system for you. shading, exposure, the building’s orientation, and the existing electrical please have a recent electric bill available. We use this information to estimate your annual electrical usage.

A Detailed Proposal After our first site visit, we’ll send you a proposal. The residential solar system proposal will include all the details such as the size of the system, key system components, an estimate of the system’s annual energy production, and what percentage of your utility bill will be offset by the system. Our detailed proposal provides a fixed system price as well as your net cost following receipt of the state rebate and federal tax credit.

State Paperwork With your agreement, we’ll handle all the necessary state paperwork to secure your rebate, file for the required Certificate of Public Good (VT residents), and obtain historic preservation approval (required in VT if your home is older than 50 yrs.).

Professional Installation We obtain all the specific parts and equipment for your system. We typically receive the approvals within 1–2 months. Once we have the approvals in hand, we’ll be on-site at your home to install the system. The member-owners of Catamount Solar will be respectful of your property, keep up an efficient system implementation schedule, and maintain a tidy worksite.

Interaction with Utility for Meter Installation After the system is completed, we coordinate with the utility company to have the net meter and gross solar meters installed.

Final Rebate Documentation – Once your residential solar energy system is up and running, we compile the required documentation and send it so that your rebate check will arrive as soon as possible.