sonnenBatterie eco - an Intelligent Storage System for Homes

We’ve Got your Back!

We’ve Got your Back! Catamount Solar has been installing Battery systems since 2011—The next phase of battery storage is safe, clean and reliable. Families are becoming empowered!

The electrification of the planet and batteries

An advancing trend for 2020 in Vermont and across the country is the acceptance and promotion of so-called “beneficial electrification.”  This term refers to the win-win-win opportunity for consumers, utilities and the environment by converting from fossil fuel burning infrastructure to highly-efficient electrically-powered systems that are connected to an increasingly greener grid. While it is a well-established fact that the carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels for heating and transportation is a major contributor to the planet’s growing climate crisis, it is only relatively recently that individuals have had realistic, alternative options in their personal choices to make a real difference and reduce carbon pollution.  Solar power coupled with home battery power storage is a beneficial, sustainable electrification strategy that saves homeowners money while helping reduce atmospheric carbon.

Solar + Battery storage = Reliable Power

When you pair solar electricity with battery storage you can relax during power outages as your “critical loads” are supplied with sustainable, sun powered, energy. Homeowners now can install battery storage systems to protect their family in the event of utility outages.  Unlike gas generators, these systems have zero carbon emissions and require little maintenance.  When coupled with a home solar power system, the batteries will allow the solar to function during an outage and recharge the home battery.  When you have batteries with a residential solar system, you can use the battery to better utilize the solar power, especially after net-metering incentives get reduced by state regulators.

Catamount Solar is Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer
We are participating in GMP’s Tesla power wall offer

Seamless home battery back up power during outages. Two Powerwall batteries and ten year lease for $55 a month or one payment of $5,500  + $16,300 toward the cost of the installation.* prices vary based on installation details.

Learn more: https://www.tesla.com/powerwall

Certified Sonnen  and Generac Installers

Catamount Solar installs several different home battery systems.  We match your back-up power needs with the capabilities of the different products we support to bring you the best solution and value.  Call today to learn more about how Catamount Solar can help you make a difference.

Get Back up Vermont!

5% of Catamount’s annual proceeds are reinvested in local organizations! We are stronger together!

sonnenBatterie eco - an Intelligent Storage System for Homes
Steel racks for roof-installed solar panels
sonnenBatterie eco - an Intelligent Storage System for Homes installed by Catamount Solar