Vermont Businesses, Farms and Schools are Going Solar!

Making the Move to Solar is Good for Business  – Here’s Why:

A Commercial Solar System is a Solid Investment low equipment prices coupled with generous federal incentives means the return on your investment will be very favorable.  There are many variables that will affect your unique situation, however a medium sized solar PV system built today could easily predict an internal rate of return around 12%.  What other safe investment today provides that kind of return?  For more information about current financial incentives available to assist businesses acquire clean energy systems, click here.

Green Energy is Good for Business –  Demonstrate to your customers, employees and competitors that your company is taking a pro-active lead in promoting clean, renewable energy. The average Vermont consumer has strong environmental values and is ready to patronize businesses that are dedicated to protecting the environment.  Nothing makes that commitment more apparent than a new solar electric power system at your place of business.

Solar Provides Independence Free your business from the burdensome upward push of utility rates. As we all know, they will only keep going up. By investing in a commercial solar system from Catamount Solar, you effectively lock in your power cost for the next 30+ years.  Also, thanks to the state’s progressive net-metering regulations, your utility will credit your account for all the solar you produce, allowing you to draw on the credit on cloudy days or in the evening when your solar power system is not producing power.  For more information on how net-metering works click here.

What Catamount Solar will do for you –

Free Solar Site Assessment and Load Analysis The first step after contacting Catamount Solar is to set up a site visit.  While at your business, we will review possible options for locating the modules and other equipment, taking into account shading, exposure, building orientations, and the existing electrical system.  Please have a recent electric bill handy so we can use its information to calculate your annual electrical usage.

A Detailed Proposal following the site visit we will send you a detailed proposal, including the proposed system size, key component specifications, an estimate of the systems yearly production and an estimation of what percentage of your annual electrical bill the system will offset. Our proposal will also provide a fixed system price and well as your net cost following receipt of the federal tax credit.  For our commercial system customers we also include a detailed financial analysis of the system including 25 year cash flow projection, IRR, NPV and ROI calculations to help you to fully understand the financial implications of investing in solar power.

Catamount Solar field installation in Derby, VT

State Paperwork Once we have your agreement to proceed, we will take care of all the necessary state paperwork to file for the required Certificate of Public Good (VT businesses) and obtain historic preservation approval (required in VT if your building is older than 50 yrs.).  All you will need to do is sign the completed applications.

Professional Design and Installation We cannot start until the utility interconnection is approved.  In the meantime we will be working with a state-licenced Professional Engineer to ensure that the system will be appropriately designed.  We acquire stamped electrical drawings for all commercial solar systems.  Once we receive the state approvals (usually within 1-2 months), we will meet with you to schedule the work and discuss ways to insure that our presence at your place of business is as unobtrusive as possible. During the installation, the member-owners of Catamount Solar will be respectful of your property, keep up an efficient installation schedule and maintain a tidy worksite.

Interaction with Utility for Meter Installation Once the system is completed we will coordinate with the utility to have the net meter and gross solar meters installed, and ensure that any required inspections are received.


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