Empower Yourself With Off-Grid Solar

From tiny houses, camps and custom RVs to full estates, Catamount Solar pros have been helping customers to power homes outside of utility service for 17+ years. We’re working with industry leaders to deliver the most reliable components, balancing the latest innovations with tried and true technologies that you can count on year after year. 

We spend a lot of time consulting with our clients to help them better understand their energy needs. We’ll custom design a system that’s just right for you. 

Sample Off-Grid Packages 

These are just a few examples of packages. Each job is custom designed. 

1.  The Maine Coon Cat runs: 

  • A few LED lights
  • Cellphone & laptop chargers 
  • Efficient TV/DVD player

     Panels :
     3 ea. CS6P-275P Modules 

2.  The Bobcat runs: 

  • Additional lights and small loads
  • Add an efficient refridgerator/freezer 
  • Additional small kitchen appliances 

     Panels :
     6 ea. CS6P-275P Modules 

3.  The Catamount runs: 

  • Additional lights and small loads 
  • Add a 240V soft-start well pump 
  • Add controls & pumps for central heating
  • Add a desktop computer 

    Panels :
    18 ea. CS6P-275P Modules 

4.  The Jaguar runs: 

  • Additional lighting
  • Add shop and power tools 
  • Add larger chest freezers, dehumidifier 
  • Add summer use hot tub for excess power 

     24 ea. CS6P-275P Modules

Off Grid solar set up
Off Grid solar set up
Off Grid solar set up
Off Grid solar set up