The Vermont Solar Carport

A collaboration between Timberhomes Vermont and Catamount Solar

A marriage between beauty and function, the Vermont Solar Carport is a handsome timber frame structure made with pine and white oak from New England forests and built right here in the Green Mountains.  With a durable standing seam roof over a solid pine roof deck, our carport offers a lot in one package: it provides the economy and durability of solar roof-mounted  , a classy parking shelter, and plenty of space to hang bikes, stack firewood or park other outdoor gear.  Our unique design puts all braces and cables 6’8″ above the ground, so you can drive or walk into the carport from all sides.

Our carports are available in 12 and 3-bay models, with space for 5.85 KW, 8.8KW and 11.7 KW of solar respectively, allowing you to customize depending on your current and future power needs.  With zero-down financing through VSECU’s V-Green program, you could be ready to go for less than $350/month—which doesn’t take into account the savings you will realize on your electric bill.  Subject to weather, financing and permitting, we can install these in as little as 6 weeks from your first phone call.

The Vermont Solar Carport is engineer-approved for New England.  We have a variety of installation methods from pre-cast concrete piers to helical piles to allow for virtually all site conditions.  The solar panel racks clamp right to the standing seam color of your choice, making a rugged, leak-proof roof that is easily able to accommodate future technologies.

This design stands out with its clean lines, hand-crafted pegged mortise and tenon joinery, and a striking showcase of locally sourced timbers.

Two worker-owned cooperatives are coming together to present our products to you, ensuring that our designs work together seamlessly to provide you with a great experience: TimberHomes Vermont and Catamount Solar.

And here’s the bonus: We will knock $1,000 off the price of the first five Vermont Solar Carports sold in 2020.

We are excited to see our collaboration with Timberhomes Vermont come to life!
Cooperatives working together is an ideal path toward a sustainable local economy.

Vermont Solar Carport Pricing

Single Bay: Structure with Solar starting at $41,000. Space for 18 panels or 5.850 KW DC
Double Bay: Structure with Solar starting at $54,000. Space for 27 panels or 8.77KW DC.
Triple Bay: Structure with Solar starting at $71,000. Space for 36 panels or 11.70KW DC.