Catamount Solar is seeking qualified personnel for career positions in our office in Randolph, VT and in the field.

Catamount Solar is an employee-owned Workers’ Cooperative – all staff members are either worker-owners of the company or on track to become one. As an employee-owner, you will participate in the democratic operation of the company and share in annual profits.

The company’s ownership culture provides tangible benefits to both our staff and clients. Our clients gain the highest quality workmanship and outstanding customer service delivered by company owners who have a stake in making and keeping the company great.

Catamount Solar donates 5% of net profits to local non-profit organizations.

At Catamount Solar, we consider the environmental impact of our business decisions whenever possible. To minimize paper waste, we request that all candidates e-mail their resumes with cover letters.

Currently Open Positions

Commercial Solar Sales Associate

Commercial Solar Sales Associate job description