Make the Move to Residential Solar Power.
It’s Energy Smart, Environmentally Responsible, and EASY!

Favorable federal tax credits combined with our optional Vermont State Credit Union financing make residential solar energy affordable — now and over the long term. It’s like pre—buying your electricity at a guaranteed low rate for decades!

Best of all, Catamount makes solar easy. We do the planning, the installation, and the paperwork. You’ll reduce your climate impact while improving reliability and saving money!

Make a Personal Contribution to Slowing Climate Change

Reducing our climate footprint is critical to the health of our planet and a sustainable future for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. But often it seems hard to make an impact. We know you want to do your part, and we’re here to help. Because all of us at Catamount are deeply invested in reducing the impact of human-generated climate change.

Take a stand — reduce your carbon footprint by going solar at home.

Reduce Your Dependence on Grid-generated Power

Invest in a residential solar system from Catamount Solar, and you’ll lock in your power cost for the next 30+ years. You’ll avoid utility price increases. And thanks to the state’s progressive net-metering regulations, your utility will credit your account for all the solar energy you produce. On cloudy days or in the evening when your solar power system is not producing power, you can draw on that credit to get power without additional cost.

Take Advantage of Net Metering

Net metering is the process of selling your solar power to the grid when you have extra production in exchange for credits to power your home when you don’t have enough. As New Englanders, we like to compare this to making hay when the sun shines to store for those winter months. 

Our member-owner team makes your transition to solar easy!

We help you clearly understand your options. We create a clear, detailed system design proposal.
And we do a complete custom install that meets all your solar energy needs.


Three Easy Steps to Living Solar:
Catamount Does it All


1. Free Site Assessment and Review of Options

We review your site location using Google Earth and your most recent electrical bill to outline your solar options. As we design the optimal solar energy system for you, we take into account shading, exposure, the building’s orientation and age, and your existing electrical system and energy needs.

2. Detailed System Proposal

We provide a detailed proposal outlining the system size and key components, as well as the system’s annual energy production and the percentage of your current utility bill that will be offset by solar. We include a straightforward fixed price as well as any available credits or rebates.

3. Professional Design and Installation

Once we have the approvals in hand, the member-owners of Catamount Solar will come to your home to install your complete solar system. Most residential installations take only 2-3 days to complete. We respect your property and maintain a tidy worksite. You’ll hardly know we were there!

After the system is completed, we coordinate with the utility company to have the  meter  installed. And we handle all the necessary state paperwork to secure your rebate (NH) and file for the required Certificate of Public Good (VT residents).

Catamount Solar
A Worker-Owned Cooperative