About Catamount

Established in 2011, Catamount Solar helps families, farms  and businesses of all sizes use the power of the sun to reduce their dependence on high cost, fossil-fuel-driven energy sources and achieve energy independence.  Catamount Solar is Vermont’s only employee-owned solar company, providing outstanding wages and benefits to its employees while serving its clients with best-in-class quality and customer service.  Because it is a responsible and caring enterprise, Catamount Solar donates 5% of annual profits to Vermont community organizations.



When you’re an owner of the business, work is more than  just a job! Catamount Solar was established in 2011 as a workers’ cooperative, an employee-ownership structure that emphasizes workplace democracy and economic fairness.  All company workers are either members of the cooperative or on a defined track to become a member-owner.

For our employees

Cooperative membership means that workers share the company’s ownership responsibilities and receive a year-end patronage profit share dependent on company profit, and in proportion to their contributed labor. Employee owners have a seat at the table  to influence key decisions and help guide the future of the company.  Ownership is the ultimate employee benefit.

For our clients

Working with an employee-owned company means that everyone you deal with at Catamount Solar brings an ownership mentality to your job and interactions. This translates to the highest quality workmanship and customer service available. Because employee-owners have a great workplace, turnover at Catamount Solar is very low. Our installers are highly experienced not only in the field but also in working together, delivering you an efficient and safe installation. And  Catamount Solar is here for the long term.  The employee ownership structure makes it less likely to be sold to another company which could jeopardize system warranty support. We will be here for you when you need us.

5% for Community

Catamount Solar sets goals beyond bottom line profits. We allocate 5% of our annual profit to support community and environmental programs and initiatives. We hope that these investments will provide examples of successful, pro-active community engagement and change leading to more compassionate, livable, and sustainable communities.

Committed to Quality, Driven by Values

Every Catamount Solar power system is designed and installed with quality, durability, optimal power production, and aesthetics as guiding project values. In addition, by choosing to work with Catamount Solar you also support a progressive, mission-driven company committed to the communities in which we work.

Catamount Solar
A Worker-Owned Cooperative