Businesses, Farms, and Schools are Making the Move to Solar
It’s Good for Business, and  We Help You Make It Happen 

Solar Power is a Safe, Predictable Investment- 

Lower system prices and generous Federal tax incentives provide a solid return on your investment. We can predict your yearly power production, which translates to your investment return. An investment in solar easily out-performs other “safe” investment types.

Solar Provides Security and Certainty

A solar system at your site effectively locks in your power cost for the next 30+ years.  Solar brings certainty. It ends the budget drain of continually rising utility rates and reduces the impact of unpredictable price spikes.


Green Power is Good for Business

Nothing demonstrates your commitment to the Earth and climate stability than a new solar electric power system at your place of business. When you go solar, you show your customers and your community that you are taking a proactive stand to protect the environment. It’s a great way to build customer interest and loyalty!

Take Your Business Solar in Three Easy Steps

1. Free Site Assessment and Review of Options

We’ll help you figure out how much power you’re using and how much solar power your site could generate.  We’ll use this information to show you your options and the positive impact of each.

2. Detailed System Proposal

Before we install, we give you a detailed proposal showing the design and its projected financial impact. The proposal includes

  • Proposed system capacity
  • Key component specifications
  • Helioscope model of estimated monthly production.
  • Estimation of percentage offset of your annual utility bill
  • Detailed 25-year cash flow projection pro forma

Worried about state paperwork? Don’t be. We handle it for you.

We take care of all the necessary  state paperwork to file for the required Certificate of Public Good (CPG).  Public buildings will also require state building and electrical permits, which Catamount will secure.

Commercial systems are designed and stamped by a Vermont-licensed electrical engineer.

3. Professional Design and Installation

Our highly experienced project managers will meet with you to schedule the work while minimizing impacts to your business. Our employee-owner technicians will provide the highest quality workmanship and customer experience. Our team will be respectful of your property and business, keep up an efficient schedule, and maintain a tidy worksite.


Once the system is completed, we coordinate with the utility to have the net meter and/or gross solar meters installed. We also ensure that any required inspections are received.

Call Us Now to Find Out What Solar Can Do for You

We understand that every business has different energy needs — and different solar power possibilities. Our employee-owners will work with you to design a solar solution that meets your needs and maximizes your return on investment. Call us today, and we can show you why solar power makes sense.

Catamount Solar
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