Our Workers' Cooperative

It’s never just a job! Catamount Solar was established in 2011 as an LLC organized as a workers’ cooperative.  Rather than just employees, all company workers are members of the cooperative, sharing its ownership responsibilities and receiving compensation dependent on company profit, and in proportion to their contributed labor.  As a workers’ cooperative, Catamount Solar bases its work in accordance with cooperative principles adopted by the 1995 General Assembly of the International Co-operative Alliance, including:

  • voluntary and open membership without arbitrary discrimination
  • democratic governance of the cooperative by the members
  • economic participation by members
  • autonomy and independence of the Cooperative
  • providing education and training opportunities for members
  • cooperation with other cooperatives
  • concern for community.

For our clients, this means that everyone involved in your solar installation, from the sales team to the office staff to the installers on your roof, really cares about doing the highest quality work for you, the way only an owner can. We’re all vested in your success.

For more information about worker cooperatives in the United States, visit the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives website – www.usworker.coop.

Catamount Solar
A Worker-Owned Cooperative