Residential Incentives

Make the Most of Solar Energy Incentives

Good news! 

For Residential customers, the Federal Tax Credit on renewable energy systems installed in  2022 thru 2032 will be eligible for a 30% federal residential solar energy credit.

For Business customers, the Federal Tax Credit on renewable energy systems that have been put into service in 2022 or later and begin construction before 2033 are eligible for a 30% Investment Tax Credit or a 2.6 kWh PTC if they meet labor requirements issued by the Treasury Department or are under 1 megawatt (MW) in size. (Source:

The member-owners of Catamount Solar do all we can to minimize your energy costs and maximize the benefits of residential solar. This includes helping you take advantage of all federal and state renewable energy incentives and rebates.

Federal Tax Credit

Act now for the highest credit possible!

2023-2032          30% tax credit

2021-22          26% tax credit

State Rebates


As of 2021, Vermont offers no residential solar incentives. However, Efficiency Vermont offers many rebates on energy efficiency products.

New Hampshire

$0.20 per watt, up to $1000.00 rebate for residential systems or 30% of the total system cost, whichever is less. 

Please Note: Both federal and state incentives are created through legislation and as such are subject to change. To ensure your ability to claim one of the incentives outlined above, contact us now.

Make It Easy with VSECU Financing

Catamount Solar partners with VSECU to provide financing with rates as low as 4.25% to its solar customers, making it quick and easy to lock in a low monthly payment so you can start saving on day one.

"Having 30+ years in the construction trades, it is easy to spot a crew that takes pride in their work, and gets the job done with efficiency and skill. That was my experience with Catamount Solar. I would recommend them to friends, neighbors and customers."

Paul McGovern Thetford, VT
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