Fulfill your power needs with Vermont’s #1 Off-Grid Solar Installer

Off-grid solar systems provide energy independence and bring electric power to places the utility’s grid can’t reach.

From tiny houses and camps  to full estates, Catamount Solar professionals have been helping customers to power homes outside of utility service for 20+ years. We’re working with industry leaders to deliver the most reliable components, balancing the latest innovations with tried and true technologies that you can count on year after year. 

We spend a lot of time consulting with our clients to help them better understand their energy needs. We’ll custom design a system that’s just right for you.

GREAT NEWS! Off-Grid Solar System installations qualify for the 26% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit!

Solar Power Customized to Your Needs

When it comes to off-grid solar power, cookie cutter systems just don’t cut it. Every family’s energy needs differ, and off-grid systems must be customized. That’s where Catamount’s off-grid design experience gives you an advantage. We’ve installed and serviced hundreds of off-grid systems in Vermont and New Hampshire. We offer design experience other solar installers can’t match.


Designed for Reliability and Efficiency

Our experienced solar installation team does a careful assessment of your projected energy use. Then they build a system that meets your needs. The system includes built-in usage monitoring software that carefully measures energy consumption and shows you how you can adjust your usage to maximize the efficiency and reliability of your system.


Start Small and Expand Your System

Got big plans, but a small budget? Catamount can design and install an off-grid solar energy system that fits your budget and can be expanded later. Our expandable systems let you enjoy the benefits of off-grid living. And you can add more solar power capability as your budget allows.

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