Battery Backup

Battery Backup Keeps the Power Flowing

Power outages are inconvenient and costly — and with climate change, severe storms are becoming more common. Used with a solar array or in a grid-only electrical system, battery backup can reduce the impact of unexpected power loss. They provide support for solar energy systems on cloudy days. They even give utility companies more flexibility in purchasing power, which saves their customers money. And yes, that includes you!

Seamless Protection for Critical Systems

Today’s battery backups monitor voltage continuously and seamlessly kick in when an outage occurs. Catamount offers a number of battery backup options, including the popular Tesla Powerwall as well as several other battery brands.

Batteries Support Solar Power Systems

When used as part of a solar power system, battery backup allows the solar modules to continue working to provide you power when there is a utility outage.  When grid power goes down or your solar array is producing less due to cloudy weather, your battery can kick in to provide you with energy.

Your solar system without battery backup will not provide any power when the main grid goes down. Solar + Storage = Reliable Power!

Green Mountain Battery Program

In Partnership with Renewable Energy Vermont, Green Mountain Power offers incentives to its customers who install battery storage in their homes.  You may choose from an up-front payment or monthly credit based on the size of your storage system and how much power you offer to supply the grid. These incentives can and do change. For details, contact us here at Catamount Solar.

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